The EXTRA 300L


Jan Collmer's EXTRA 300L was completed in February 1996. It was designed and built in Germany by Walter Extra and is Serial No. 19 of the EA 300L series. Prior to the 300L, Extra designed the 230, 300 and 300S. The 300L is the newest design and has been in production since early 1995.

The EXTRA 300L is a two-place, low wing monoplane powered by a 6 cylinder, 540 cubic inch, 300 HP Lycoming engine. The propeller is three-bladed and made of lightweight composite materials designed and built by MT of Germany.


The EXTRA 300L is FAA certified in the acrobatic category and can be flown to plus or minus 10 Gs. With almost full-span ailerons, the roll rate on the 300L is greater than 360 degrees per second. This, coupled with the high G rating, makes it one of the most agile two-place aerobatic airplanes in the world. Top speed is 250 miles per hour.

The secret of the strength and agility of the 300L lies in Extra's advanced design concept utilizing high strength, lightweight composite structures. The wing spar is made from a carbon fiber/epoxy material that assures a large safety margin even at 10 Gs. The skin of the aircraft is more than 90% composite allowing for a high gloss surface finish and a very low value for parasitic drag.

The plane has a fuel capacity of 45 gallons and a range of about 400 miles. The great visibility afforded by the huge bubble canopy along with an installed GPS receiver make VFR navigation an easy task. A true airspeed of over 180 miles per hour makes cross-country flying a real pleasure. Spacious contoured seating and electrically adjustable rudder pedals add to pilot comfort. The aircraft is not IFR qualified although an IFR package is available for the 300L.


Unlike many taildraggers, the 300L is relatively easy to land. The three-point touchdown occurs well before stalling speed and the plane tracks well with minimal rudder inputs. But, like most taildraggers, direct forward visibility is somewhat limited by the nose high attitude when on the ground.

Altogether, the Extra 300L is a real joy to fly and spectacular to watch as it flashes across the airshow stage.


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